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dry mouth treatment in altrincham

Do you suffer with a Dry Mouth?

Having a dry mouth can be infuriating and let’s face it quite uncomfortable, but what causes it?

There are many reasons you may have a dry mouth

  • Simple dehydration – many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water and simply drinking more will help replenish our saliva and bring more comfort to our mouth – so think on and look at how much water you need.
oral health screening in bowdon altrincham

Is it really important to have good dental health?

Most of us understand the importance of good general health and the benefits that being in good health bring but is it the same for dental health? After all if you’re fit and healthy, exercising well and eating well does it matter how your teeth and gums are?

Well, we are obviously biased and say yes,

Dental health advice at Barrington Dental Care in Altrincham

How Should I look After & Clean My Teeth?

There are lots of techniques when it comes to tooth brushing, and really it is not one rule fits all. Some techniques work better than others for you. Your Dental Hygienist will help you with a plan that is personal to you, one that is straight forward and easy to follow.

Should I use an electric toothbrush?

Back to School Oral Health Advice in Altrincham

Back to School & Looking After Your Oral Health


It’s that time of year for new beginnings and fresh starts, no not January 1st but the start of the new school year. Children will be returning to school to varied mixtures of joy and sadness from parents and young adults heading away from home from the first time to college and university.